Authorized KEI Distributors, Dealers in Pune

Driven by a strong ambition to be the universal brand of choice for consumers across the spectrum of our business segments and beyond boundaries, we have been continuously looking for new touch point to connect with them. Last 50 years have been a continued & committed effort to build a brand that lives its customers’ ethos and delivers to their aspirations. Let’s take a look at the journey.

Single Core/ Multi Core Flexible Cables

Authorized Single Core/ Multi Core Flexible Cables Distributors, Dealers in Pune

KEI Single & Multicore Flexible Copper Cable are used in low voltage signals, electrical motors, electrical appliances, control panels, DC power transformers, electrical boards, battery cables etc. These cables are highly flexible in construction & designed with high Di-electric strength.

KEI Single & Multicore Flexible Copper Cable are having high degree of thermal stability, Oxygen & temperature index. These cables retard its spread in the unlikely event of fire felicitating rescue operation.

House Wire

Authorized House Wire Distributors, Dealers in Pune

HomeCab-FR wires are mainly used for wiring domestic and commercial structures. They are capable of handling 85°C operating temperature since they are insulated with a flame retardant PVC compound (formulated and manufactured in-house). They are also steam and boiling water resistant. They have amazing electrical and mechanical characteristics. Stressing over damage caused by rodents to the wiring in your house is a thing of the past with KEI. The anti-rodent properties of HomeCab-FR wires make them an ideal choice. They are manufactured using min 99.97% Electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. Their fine drawn multi strand conductor provides enhanced flexibility and makes them ideal for concealed wiring. They are suitable for installation in lighting fittings and appliances up to 1100 v (A.C.). These wires work well even in adverse atmospheric conditions. Characteristics like these make HomeCab-FR Wires reliable, energy efficient and highly safe.

High Voltage Cables

Authorized High Voltage Cables Distributors, Dealers in Pune

KEI, as a leading high voltage cable manufacturer in India has a state of art high voltage cable plant that uses German technology and features a manufacturing capability of upto 220KV.High Voltage cables at KEI are manufactured as outlined with Indian Standard specification, IS: 7098 Part II, also our skilled research & development team can assist manufacturing as per International standard viz. IEC, BS, NFC, AS/NZS, VDE, SABS etc. & exporting to Overseas market.

Low Voltage Cables

Authorized Low Voltage Cables Distributors, Dealers in Pune

Low Voltage Cables come in a variety of sizes, materials, and types, each particularly adapted to its uses. Cables consist of three major components: conductors, insulation, and protective outer sheath. The makeup of individual cables varies according to application.

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